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Triggerring a sound and on/off event

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Created08.01.2011 02:34

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 08.01.2011 02:55
Hello, I have created a vehicle wash and gas station. What I am wondering how to do is when a washable vehicle enters the wash the water sound turns on and the water as well. I know about triggers. I just want to know is this even possible? Someone told me to assign a input binding, such as vehicles are entered and exited. I see this function throughout the whole game, so it's there. I used the waterfallparticlesystem rectangle02 plane for the emit from object.

Example washable vehicle enters pit in help screen dialog it says press x to start wash, at that time sound and water is turned on. Press again the sound and water is turned off.

So, a trigger to tell script to start/stop sound and water?

I'm a modeler, programmer not a script writer, lol. :)

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 10.01.2011 17:06
I think you might want to have a look at the sowing machine fill trigger.

This is using the newly introduced concept of activatable objects, which by default can be activated using the R key.

The code for the sowing machine fill trigger can be found here:

The code of the sowing machine is here:

There you might want to look at the functions addSowingMachineFillTrigger/removeSowingMachineFillTrigger
as well as the class SowingMachineFillActivatable.

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