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Created08.01.2011 23:10 ;] (Unknown) 08.01.2011 23:11
How I can create chrome material?

Reflection or what?

How I can get a pressure air brake?
Long ago I see pressure gauge air brake in mod (FS 2009).

Sorry for my English!

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 10.01.2011 16:53
Using an environment map for the reflections and a lot of specular lighting gives you the chrome effect.
You can check the vehicles in FS 2011 to see how you can add an environment map.

There is now easy explanation how to do pressure air brake. It's probably easiest to examine the FS 2009 mod to see how it is done there. ;] (Unknown) 10.01.2011 18:07
Any tips? How do this material?


I don't remember who it was mod...
I think it was variable in the game...

In FS 2009 I heard a air master cylinder...

Sorry for my English. It is really bad...

David Aitken (Unknown) 11.01.2011 02:20
I added a thorough guide on reflection here

I accidentally made my Fendt Trisix wheel hubs chrome when I applied the reflection tothe wrong fileId, but it can be done to the right material. Generally I just use reflection for body paint or smaller metal pieces that need it for realism. ;] (Unknown) 11.01.2011 19:13
Thank you RSAntilles!


Stefan Geiger
When this sounds turn on?
<compressedAirSound file="$data/vehicles/steerable/deutz/compressedAir.wav" pitchOffset="1"/>
<compressionSound file="$data/vehicles/steerable/deutz/compressorWork.wav" pitchOffset="1" volume="1.2"/>

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 12.01.2011 10:55
The compressed air sound is played, if you brake while you drive fast enough (rpm > maxRpm/2).
The compression sound is played every 3 minutes.

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