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Using more than one silage of grass

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Created11.01.2011 17:34

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 11.01.2011 17:36
Just curious if it's possible to have say, 2 grass silage pits that fill at different levels. Such as filling #1 does not fill#2 vice versa. Doing this without have 2 grass fruittypes is the only I can think of.

Thore Wietzke (Unknown) 11.01.2011 17:48
no, I've found an way to do this, or I found the trigger ^^

this is the trigger. Giants also knows the manner, 'cause I've found the trigger in the objects folder ;)

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 12.01.2011 10:50
I know about that trigger, but how do I get my silage pits to be unique. Otherwise showing their own silo capacity in PDA and not filling up both silage pits at the same time. I do understand that really only one pit is needed as they are unlimited capacity. But fo rthe sake of good measure and being a Sim we like to keep it somewhat realistic.

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