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Delete something from a tractor that is build into the chassis

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Created26.01.2011 22:35

Frederik Jørgensen (Unknown) 26.01.2011 22:35

As the upper text says :)

Is that possible to do ?

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 26.01.2011 23:58
in , order to do so you will have to export it from Giants as a Wave Front OBJ and then import into a 3d modelling program and edit the model , that would be the only way.

Frederik Jørgensen (Unknown) 27.01.2011 14:50
Okay.. But will it lose the colours then ?

btw can you make that ?:)

Michael Schmidt (Unknown) 16.04.2011 13:47
and you also have to watch out that is not indexed in your xml from the mod or the whole thing wont work anymore because the indexes are changing if you delete something with index

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