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Foldable parameters problem

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Created12.03.2011 17:39

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 12.03.2011 17:47
I have a problem with the neg&posDirectionText parameters in the foldingParts in my .xml
I have this:
<foldingParts posDirectionText="CLOSE" negDirectionText="OPEN">

but in game i'm taking the error:
missing CLOSE from l10n_en.xml
I have it in my modDesc.xml but it seems that it cant read it.

With the script in my specialization it works.
g_currentMission:addHelpButtonText(string.format(g_i18n:getText("CLOSE"), self.typeDesc), InputBinding.IMPLEMENT_EXTRA2);

Why it doesnt work in the foldingparts parameters?

My best Regards,

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 14.03.2011 09:28
There is a problem, that the code of the foldable does not search in the l10n entries of the mod.
So for now there is no other method than writing your own code handling.

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 14.03.2011 12:10
Stefan, can you tell us where is the l10n_en.xml, so we can overwrite it, making a folder and put inside ours like the previous versions of the game?
Or this move can affect negative the multiplayer mode?

Thanks and have a nice day.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 14.03.2011 15:09
Hi Jim,

This also affects other mods. You should use the solution that Stefan proposed.

Cherrs Chris

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 14.03.2011 16:53
Ok Chris, understood ;)

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