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Problems with textures on my own creation

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Created24.03.2011 12:51

Michael Schmidt (Unknown) 24.03.2011 12:59
weell here there i hope you guys can help me with this one.
here is my problem
1 i am using cinema 4d and i createt a truck semi truck and i have forgotten or actually i didnt forgett the textures cause i cannot exxport the textures von cinema to make it as a oa texture
and now here is the main problem i converted it already to i3d but now i made some textures
but i will not work in the ge editor or ingame.
2 now here is what i already tryed i have opened it the i3d with the notpad and wrote the <file id="1".............................................but it does not work either how i am writing it in the notepad. what im i doing wrong? i did this always like this but why is this so different with the new version from the ge editor

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 01.04.2011 09:31
We haven't changed anything regarding this since the last editor version.
Are you using the correct file id in the <Texture> node of the material?
Are your ids unique? I.e. there are no two <file> nodes with the same id.
Does the editor output any warning or editor in the log?

Your xml snipped is wrong.
1. <file needs to be <File
2. id needs to be fileId

Maybe you can post the <Files> and <Materials> parts of your xml so we can check what is wrong.

Michael Schmidt (Unknown) 16.04.2011 13:44
i have found the problem thank you for the help i made a error with the beginning and the end of the i3d

but now i got a whole different problem which is not the topic and which is i have a problem with cutting grass it wont grow afterwards which i just mowed what can i do

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