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New to Giants need some beginners info

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Created21.04.2011 22:08

Peter Edliner (Unknown) 21.04.2011 22:10

I am new to giants and scripting, i know lua.
Can somebody explain to me a bit how the system works?

What do you do with Giants editor
And what can you do with scripting.
And which commands/functions can you acces with a script..

Edit: for practise i study the motor.lua script..
I have a question about it:

Why does a vichicle begin to launch it self and then stops again and over again, when some value's are used for gearratio and motor torque.

I dont understand what happens, but like to know why this happens...

All help is welcome, Peteredlin

Richard Van De Ruit (Unknown) 25.04.2011 10:34
How can I edited another map that is installed.
I have 3 maps installed and when I open GE and try edited the map I am playing only the origional installed map opens?
Where do I find the id3 file for the map I want to edited?

Peter Edliner (Unknown) 25.04.2011 15:00

You find the i3d map in the mods folder as a zip file, you need to extratc it to a folder with the map name, then you can open the map.i3d file with all resourges i believe.

Richard Van De Ruit (Unknown) 08.05.2011 09:14
thanks peter

Ryan Evans (Unknown) 11.05.2011 17:55
how do you open giants editor

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