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Transfer strings through network

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Created02.07.2011 20:49

Frruit Tractor (Unknown) 02.07.2011 20:57
Hi there!

Basically i do a
streamWriteInt8(streamId, string.byte(mystring, position));
to transfer each character (from a playerName) over the network connection

But i have problems with Umlauten ^^

also a call of asciiToUtf8(mystring) doens't help

So, could anbody guess how i could handle the special characters?
Isn't there any 'standard'-function to do the convert-job ?


Tobias F (JD6930) 03.07.2011 01:19
did you trie

streamWriteString(integer streamId, string value) ?

Frruit Tractor (Unknown) 03.07.2011 20:38
no, i didn't

But it works like a charme :D

thanks for the documentation ;)

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