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Created03.08.2011 21:09

Wim Van San (uptown) 03.08.2011 21:10
Hi guys,

I've got the following problem :

I've got a new map, which is 4x bigger than the standard map, so far, so good.

But the PDA_map keeps showing the wrong position, i've tried editing the worldbounds, edited the size of the pdamap, but nothing helps. I hope you guys know a solution or someone from giants.


Mike Gregor (Unknown) 09.08.2011 04:32
I believe you need to make the pda map 4x as well. And possibly redo the pda map entirely, there are tutorials floating about on how to do this.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 09.08.2011 04:36
I believe you need to make the pda map 4x as well.

Wim Van San (uptown) 09.08.2011 19:48
And any suggestion on how to?

I've made the pdamap about all sizes allready, but the problem stays the same.

I hope that there is someone from Giants to help me out. Because there is no good tutorial out there for bigger maps, only standard ones.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 13.08.2011 22:50
You just need to go to the right places ;)

Wim Van San (uptown) 15.08.2011 23:27
Mike, That topic is just as useless. I am a veteran on LS-UK.

That topic is just how to make a normal sized map and doesn't work at all for bigger maps.

Wim Van San (uptown) 13.11.2011 01:32
still no answer from the only persons who can solve this?

It seems that what ever bigger map you have than the standardmap, the pda still shows the original position like it is a normal sized map. For instance, when I'm in my 4x map standing at the cowmeadow, this should be quite close to the center of the pdamap. but it shows my position at the top, where the cowmeadow is on the standard map view. It seems that the pdamap, can 't look further than 2048*2048. With bigger maps, the pda still thinks it's 2048*2048 and shows the positions like that also.

any help from the creators would be nice. Since this is probably hard coded in the game engine

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 23.11.2011 09:56
This is a hardcoded value in the game code.
You can try to change the following values:

g_currentMission.missionPDA.worldSizeX = 4096;
g_currentMission.missionPDA.worldSizeZ = 4096;
g_currentMission.missionPDA.worldCenterOffsetX = g_currentMission.missionPDA.worldSizeX*0.5;
g_currentMission.missionPDA.worldCenterOffsetZ = g_currentMission.missionPDA.worldSizeZ*0.5;

In Skiregion Simulator, this is already working without any changes, and this will be also changed for the next Farming Simulator.

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