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Created22.08.2011 12:40

Jean Tube (Unknown) 22.08.2011 12:57

I got a problem to unload a combine.
If I simply use <pipe index="xx"/>, I can unload the combine in the trailer but the grain goes thrue the trailer.
If I use the more complex description :

<pipe numStates="2" unloadingStates="2" raycastNodeIndex="17|0" raycastDistance="6">
<node index="17" rotationSpeeds="11 25 0">
<state1 rotation="0 0 0"/>
<state2 rotation="40 -90 0"/>

the pipe move correctly but won't unload the combine.

I placed the "raycastNodeIndex" at the right place but I think my problem comes from "raycastDistance".

So, what is "raycastDistance" and use it ?


Best regards

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 25.08.2011 09:56
The script does cast a ray starting at the raycastNode in the -1 Y direction of this node, with a maximal distance of raycastDistance. So you should make this big enough, that you can hit anything between the raycastNode and the ground (ie. the maximal distance of the raycastNode and the terrain you have under normal circumstances).

So you should make sture that the raycastNode is attached to the pipe at the right position, such that it is rotated with the pipe, and it should have Y axis that points upwards.

A raycastDistance of 6 is ok, unless you've created a really high combine.

Vitor Borges (VitorVale32) 30.09.2014 21:26
hello I'm in time with a stalled project of a sugarcane harvester however the system is not a pipe discharge but an elevator but the system is very similar however works 90º right and left and disables the center and should operate in automatic mode worker, it is so difficult to do this lift the discharge of sugar cane be downloaded in a trailer that I have already tried even in the krone big 1000 however this script rotates 360 however is not suitable! can help me? hug from Brazil

harvester John Deere 3520

Lachlan Brown (lbrow238) 30.12.2016 13:18
gday vitor borges mate i have a fix for your problem send me the i3d file mate i will get it fixed for you you have a particle system wrong

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