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Created09.09.2011 20:07

Adam Klodowski (Unknown) 09.09.2011 20:09
I would like to add the autopilot option for the tractor using grass mower. And my question is how could I do it. I thought about using the same routine that is used for a seeder. So is it enough to add in moddesc file the information about points that are used by AI or do I have to write the script from the begining. Any help will be appreciated.

Yan Belousov (Unknown) 18.07.2012 21:52
It is impossible, autopilot in attachments can work by terrian channel only. Grass is in fruit channel. but i already made autopiliot for everything. Ask Google for CyberFarmer By metallflame

Markus (Unknown) 03.08.2012 12:08
dont know how to use it
i cant read anything because its russian

Yan Belousov (Unknown) 05.10.2012 10:52
you do not have to read that - download ant try to use as usual helper!

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