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Reverse Traffic travel?

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Created21.09.2011 22:31

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 21.09.2011 22:32
Basically would it be possible to reverse the and AI traffic car if it came into contact with a vehicle , or is this not possible ?

im very curios about this still , any help at all will be more than just appreciated.

Josh Wells (Unknown) 28.09.2011 18:52
wish i could help you man but i have a question where do i go and what do i do to download mods i'm so lost it's not funny, thanks josh

Harry Paul Jones (Unknown) 29.09.2011 00:24
Hi , its okay , just look here its a great site , loads of mods , loads of friendly people , and a lot of topic for help , its a brilliant family forum

Josh Wells (Unknown) 01.10.2011 05:17
thank you tons man its driving me crazy not having any extras if i need any extra help ill come to you cuz im so not computer savvy at all

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