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Created29.10.2012 09:34

Johno Spargo (Unknown) 29.10.2012 09:35
when i attempt to start making a map for 2013, it comes up with errors. how do i fix this. i am only new to this to help would be much apprieciated

K R A V Y N (Unknown) 30.10.2012 03:25
To be honest its hard to help when you only say you get an error and not the actual error.

Are you able to open Giant Editor? Are you starting from scratch? Are you modifying the default map? Are you able to open the map in giant editor? etc.

Jess Rohde (Unknown) 05.11.2012 20:47
looks like someone here to ask, well i have decided to make a map , lol it is not just that, i have the collectors pack and in this the tut dvd for modding a map.
after seen it 50 time now and still not getting anywhere, so here it is :

i made a sample mod map from the very start use giant editor v5.0.1 and follow the instruction in the tut dvd. and when i`m try loading this "mymodmap" name for it. this come

Error: Failed to open xml file C:/Users/Jon/Downloads/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/mymodmap/modDesc.xml'
Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod mymodmap

so what is it i do wrong sense it missing some file...? ? my e-mail

just it is no point editing the map when it wont start. the giants editor can load it and you can make change and all, the game can see the map but again no start hope for some idea

best regaurds jess "hansukho"

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 06.11.2012 09:23
i go help you, its not that simple as on the dvd, many things want work and not incl.
first create a empty map called yourmap open it create a folder called maps, then go to programfiles/farmsim/data/maps , and open map01.i3d in GE.

go to file>export all with files, to the new folder called maps
now you select the whole structure except the map01.i3d and copy that to the new map 'maps' overwrite all. now you have all i3d + textures. other wise you only have the textures and file structure.

now go to the samplemodmap in sdk directory and copy the files to 'yourmap' make sure you not select the folder maps that we already have.

now open the samplemodmap.lua in notepad and look for
self:loadMap(Utils.getFilename("map/map.i3d", self.baseDirectory), true, self.loadMap01Finished, self);

change "map/map.i3d to map/map01.i3d

now you have a working map, copy the yourmap to your mod directory for 2013.

ok, now you have a working map, but you missing a lot off triggers and some buildings and objects will not work and give errors.

brewerybuilding uv error
containers colorshader error
and some more

so now create inside the yourmap/maps a folder called triggers.

open back the default map in GE now you go over the map and take all the triggers you find on the map and export them as i3d only to the triggers folder you just created. you could always do this when you miss something.

now open all i3d files you just exported in notepad and adjust the <files> paths no ../../../ data/maps/models

like this
<File fileId="213" filename="models/buildings/barn01/barn01_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>

only these stay like thy are, (bottom off files)
<File fileId="339" filename="../vehicles/chaff_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="390" filename="../vehicles/manure_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="290" filename="../vehicles/potatoes_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="291" filename="../vehicles/sugarBeets_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="307" filename="../vehicles/wheat01.png" relativePath="true"/>

also quick check the map01.i3d to c if all path exported correctly

this you need to do every time you export something, check the i3d in notepad for the propper paths, otherwise you end up withe textures.

also every time you done changes, start a new game session not open a saved game.

if you still have questions you could find me on

Jess Rohde (Unknown) 06.11.2012 20:15
greetings Dirk Peeters (jengske_BE)

well that was something, okay thank alot for your time and i hope i can get it right :) now time to work in giants editor :) best reguards jess joe`s farm dk

Jake Skillcorn (Unknown) 27.11.2014 15:41
hi guys can some one help me i try to make a map with giants editor and every time i do the cube scene thing it doesnt so up as the cube it just a gray back ground with nout on it, i then change veiw to medium or high and the program goes to not repsonding

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