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Created30.10.2012 23:22

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 30.10.2012 23:24
how do you create the messages from the intro or infotriggers?

when you start its telling you 'walk over the gravelpath......'

these tekst witch file its in?

jeng (glenn52) 31.10.2012 09:59
*.gar files in the root of the install folder?

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 31.10.2012 20:01
is it posible to open them?

K R A V Y N (Unknown) 31.10.2012 21:06
I think the only way to gain access to it without hacking it is to buy a licence to get access to the source.

so no access to gar.

what info triggers are you talking about? the floating info things in the map?

because if you mean those floating question marks you have to add them from the giant editor its directly on the map itself.

oh and the information as in the loading screen is also what you where asking about? that is easy to get setup that is something I have worked on already.

its actually the moddesc.xml not the LUA

I have been working on rebuilding the Original map so the trees are not in the way for the workers but I wanted to keep everything exactly as it was when giant released it the only thing I have yet to solve is the egg selling locations the LUA is missing that part of it on the SDK sample mod.

I will post an example on a paste website for you to see what I mean for the loading page.

this is for all the locations the mod tells the game what it is where it is and what it does.

the very bottom is for the mod description in the options menu mod section the top half is for when you are starting a new map and the center information on the page is for the loading page itself.

Wim Van San (uptown) 01.11.2012 11:55
It's possible. Just take a look on at Knuston farm.

We 've used a lot of those markers in there

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