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multi fruit + mapfruits?

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Created07.11.2012 20:54

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 07.11.2012 21:05
i recreated a extra fruit from 2011 to 2013, paint it with GE, this part seems to work.
also converted mapfruits or registerfruits.


load the map and vehicles adjusted for the new fruittype.
but my field seeded could not be harvested, could not select the seed for sowingmachine and no listing on pda..
add fillevel + type to trailer (triggers also)
then i unload to grainstation and load it back in, thats working. still no harvest, seeds, pda and no hud displayed.

the log shows the loading of mapfruits, registering the fruits, further no errors.

i tryed some settings but it still stay the same, and my scripting is poor.
seems the 2013 has a other way of speaking to the storage or userprofile maby.

mapfruits and registerscript do the same.

Cole Halverson (superlooper) 14.01.2013 18:44
I have had the same issue. I hope they release the documentation soon because that seems to be the problem. A friend of mine and myself have gotten soybeans and baleable corn in the same stage as you and for all of us here in the USA they are our major crops so we would love them in asap.

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