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It never rains on my farm!!

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Created09.11.2012 02:42

Antonio Carlos De Carvalho (Unknown) 09.11.2012 02:42
For several days I have played and yet it never rains on my farm. Was this a game bug?

Rsafasdsasd Sdasd (Unknown) 09.11.2012 19:15
Open up console (tilt button, next to 1 number button on keyboard), press TAB serveral times and ull get start rain command. Hit enter and wait.

Ellinor Ström (Unknown) 10.11.2012 23:50
Something i have thought of too actually, i've been playing on the same farm in 2013 for many days now and just had one short little dash of rain. It might be scaled to the difficulty so if you play on easy it hardly ever rain, on medium it gets a little more, and on hard it rains more often. I am not sure. Just a little thought i had about it.

Antonio Carlos De Carvalho (Unknown) 11.11.2012 03:10
Thanks for the replies guys. I will test them today and wait for the rains. I hope so!

James Dibble (Unknown) 14.02.2013 16:39
Patch 1.4 has rain on now anyway

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