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Created12.11.2012 16:10

Mochinabs Asabo (Unknown) 12.11.2012 16:11
Does anyone know the list of <MachineType> used in modDesc.xml for farming simulator 2013. whether it can make its own custom <MachineType>?

Ellinor Ström (Unknown) 12.11.2012 20:39
Napalm posted this list awhile ago on FS-UK. I have not confirmed them all myself but so far it is accurate.

tractors, frontLoaders, harvesters, potatoHarvesting, beetHarvesting,
tippers, cultivators, plows, sowingMachines, fertilizerSpreaders,
sprayers, manureSpreaders, slurryTanks, mowers, windrowers, tedders,
loaderWagons, baling, feeding, weights, misc

I can't answer if you can make your own but i guess just make your own and try :)

James Dibble (Unknown) 15.02.2013 13:39
But you can make one up and it will wor just as well.

Zeb Farmington (ZZ_Farmington) 10.11.2016 02:27
These are ours we have found a way to edit them using a script.

<machineType>type goes here</machineType>

<!-- Our own headings -->
5thwheel bizzare unimog loadingtrailers
HGV vehicles forest tankers
wheels ltractors stractors

<!-- Original headings -->
tractors frontLoaders harvesters potatoHarvesting beetHarvesting tippers cultivators plows sowingMachines fertilizerSpreaders sprayers manureSpreaders slurryTanks mowers windrowers tedders loaderWagons baling feeding weights misc

If you just add them to the machinetype u get an l10n error i believe. I have the script somewhere.

Try not to have too many we spent a while disscussing to scale the menus down. We really want wheels and Weights to go in the same menu. This could be possible but the weights is an original type.

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