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Created03.01.2013 02:10

Mark Robbins (Unknown) 03.01.2013 02:10
GIANTS Engine Runtime 5.0.1 (build date: Oct 18 2012)
Copyright (c) 2008-2012, GIANTS Software GmbH (, All Rights Reserved.
Copyright (c) 2003-2012, Christian Ammann and Stefan Geiger, All Rights Reserved.
Application: FarmingSimulator2013
Main System
Core(s): 2 @ 2.8 GHZ
OS: Windows NT 6.1 32-bit
Physics System
Driver: NVIDIA PhysX Runtime
Version: 2.8.3
Thread(s): 1
Input System
Keyboard enabled
Mouse enabled
Gamepad/Joystick disabled
Force Feedback disabled
Sound System
Driver: OpenAL
Version: 1.1
Device: Generic Software
Max. sources: 256
Render System
Driver: OpenGL
Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
Renderer: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Version: 4.1.10750 Compatibility Profile Context
GL_NV_texture_compression_vtc not supported
GL_NV_vertex_program2_option not supported
GL_NV_vertex_program3 not supported
max_texture_layers: 8
OpenGL initialization successful
Hardware Profile
Level: High (auto)
View Distance Coeff: 1.100000
Shadow Quality: 1.000000
Skip Mipmaps: 0
LOD Distance Coeff: 1.100000
Terrain LOD Distance Coeff: 1.500000
Foliage View Distance Coeff: 1.400000
Farming Simulator 2013 INT
Version: RC2
Available Languages: en de fr es it ru
Language: en
Game vehicle types loaded
Mod directory: C:/Users/Sparky/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods
Load mod: Baltazar
Error: Invalid mod name 'Benalu Auflieger'! Characters allowed: (_, A-Z, a-z, 0-9). The first character must not be a digit
Load mod: BestStarterMap
Load mod: ClaasCarat180TD
Load mod: Deutz_7545_RTS_Presse
Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod Deutz_7545_RTS_Presse
Load mod: Deutz_7545_RTS_V2
Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod Deutz_7545_RTS_V2
Load mod: D_M_Monopol_Map
Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod D_M_Monopol_Map
Load mod: ExternesKonto
Load mod: fendt10200
Load mod: gewichtttt
Load mod: HorschGrubber50m
Load mod: KaercherPressureWasher
Load mod: KirovetsK700A
Load mod: Knuston_farm_2013
Load mod: KroneBigXCutter
Load mod: McHale991StableBeta
Load mod: MoneyModLS13
Load mod: placeableHalls
Load mod: pronto24DC
Load mod: ScaniaR730_Topline_red
Load mod: sparkymap
Load mod: sparkystransit
Load mod: Springhill
Load mod: zzz_Abschleppkette
Load mod: ZZZ_courseplay
Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod ZZZ_courseplay
Warning: missing machineType value in store item modDesc.storeItems.storeItem(0)
Register vehicle type: ClaasCarat180TD.claasCarat180TD
Register vehicle type: KaercherPressureWasher.kaercherPressureWasher
Register vehicle type: KirovetsK700A.KirovetsK700A
Register vehicle type: KirovetsK700A.BuyableTwinWheels
Register vehicle type: McHale991StableBeta.McHale991
Warning: missing dailyUpkeep value in store item modDesc.storeItems.storeItem(0)
Register vehicle type: ScaniaR730_Topline_red.scaniaR730
this is called when this mod is loaded
Register vehicle type: sparkystransit.fordtransit
Register vehicle type: zzz_Abschleppkette.abschleppstange
data/sky/sky_day_night.i3d (0.00mb in 7930.07 ms)
data/sky/rain.i3d (0.00mb in 14.96 ms)
data/sky/hail.i3d (0.00mb in 32.42 ms)
Error: failed to load map C:/Users/Sparky/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/sparkymap/map/map.i3d
map C:/Users/Sparky/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/sparkymap/map/map.i3d was loaded
Error: LUA running function 'loadMapFinished'
D:/code/lsim2013/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/economy/AuctionSpecs.lua(29) : attempt to index field 'fieldDefinitionBase' (a nil value)

Tacbravo (Unknown) 03.01.2013 04:36
Hey Sparky and Happy New Year! I barely know anything about coding for the Giants game engine and this made more difficult because I can't seem to find the scripting documentation for the utils library and some of the LUA calls and a complete XML specification. I can find the engine documentation on GDN, but that's not the whole enchilada, so right now probably not your best resource! Anyway, as a coder, I can tell you a few things:

1. The first error thrown is here 'Benalu Auflieger' the issue appears to be the space, remove that and the error should go away.

2. Error: Unsupported mod description version to me indicates you have something going on in the XML with respect to the mod description version values. You might want to check those versus another mod you know runs without error to see why the parser gets thrown here.

3. As with other script loaders, this is sequentially parsed, so sometimes you can clear up errors further below by taking care of the first errors above. Give that a shot and see what happens next would be my reco.

Hope that helped a little.



Mark Robbins (Unknown) 03.01.2013 19:37
hi thanks for your reply. i can get my head around all the errors apart from the last ones about the from what i can make out its to do with the fields. now i followed the turorials on how to start the map from the original and all that and when i remove the ground detail of a field i think thats where my problem is, but how do i do it? or how do i create a field the proper way from scratch. i can draw it in the editor, i can evn plant it in the editor i get all that...its just i dont understand the workings of the field numbers and dimensions etc.

any help would be greatly appreciated as every map i do now at some point will go wrong with the same errors

Tacbravo (Unknown) 04.01.2013 05:53
Greetings Sparky! It seems we are about at the same level with the video tutorials for LS13, which I happen to love by the way. I don't have the complete answer yet, but I will try to help you with this. What I found additionally so far is that it appears there is some error in the map.i3D file. You can open this in Notepad++ and look as well. The fields in the default map are related to certain transform groups in that XML. It appears some field definition may be missing from there. It might be useful to compare side-by-side the codes from the default known good working map.i3D XML and the test mod XML you are working with to see what all differences there are.

This is just a guess about that being the source of the issue, but I think it's a strong guess.

Nevertheless, we both need to understand better how to make different kinds of fields and maps if we will aspire to the golden skilled modder status for LS13 :D, so I will go into my Giants Editor as soon as I can, and see if I can trigger this exact error to repeat for me following the same steps you mentioned, then let you know what I find or can solve.

In the meantime, perhaps anyone else has more familiarity with this map loading error and stacktrace showing at least in part the fieldDefinitionBase is throwing a null value and can comment for us further.

All the Best!


Mark Robbins (Unknown) 04.01.2013 14:11
hiya mate, i pulled an all nighter last night on the ditor and i can confirm its because we're using the original map. Because i downloaded a complete flat starter map from fsuk and a treat. it has 1 defined field to start with and havent had any errors yet. so if we can crack how to make fields we'll be laughin. heres the link to the mod

its a basic map and you have to add alot of stuff like vehicle reset points i think but all in all not bad start.

I wish you good luck :)

Tacbravo (Unknown) 05.01.2013 11:21
Hello Sparky! Wow, an all-nighter, your enthusiasm is great and your solution is brilliant. So I think I came up with the other aspect of the solution. I have put together a step-by-step tutorial, sort of, that shows how to use the new modMap we create by following the LS2013 Video Tutorials, chapter one.

I caution that this write-up is rather long, but I try to go into every last detail of field creation and also I am keeping this for myself since I will forget 1/2 of it by tomorrow, lol. Ok so here goes, this is for total n00bs who know little about about LS2013, except some play time and watching the Video Tutorials and practicing the first chapter examples a couple times, like me! It's for someone that never made a field in their life in Giants Editor.

I apologize in advance to the more advanced people who know all of this backwards and forwards and could do this in their sleep, and for the length of this post, but really there is a lot involved.

WARNING: Before editing the map, make sure not to use the main game map or it could be destroyed. Instead for this example, use the example modMap you made by following the Giants LS2013 Video Tutorials, and where you have overcome the map01 naming issue and have a good working test map that already loads into the game and you also know how to do that part (how to select your custom modded map) ...

Start Giants Editor, then open your custom map

First, in the Scenegraph panel, select fields Transform Group, then under there, field01, then under there, select corner_01_1

The gizmo is lost now, uh oh, so how to find it?

Make sure you are in item selection mode, then scroll way way out (ALT-RMB) and drag the mouse to find the big circle around the gizmo (it's not the little red circles, it's more white or very light green)

If you forgot what the gizmo is, it's when you select an object, it has red, green and blue arrows for moving and red, green and blue circles for rotating, you learned this in the Videos, right?

Notice that the circle on the gizmo gets bigger the further out you go so that makes it much easier to find when you zoom way out on the map, it can't hide from you for long

If you are having trouble zooming around quickly (the default setting is kind of slow) press + on the keypad and notice on the lower right in the status area it says NavSpeed ... keep clicking the + to get it faster how you like it, or use - on keypad to reduce it later if it gets set too fast

For me I set it to be 80, this worked well for me, and let's me zip all over the map real quick like ;-)

Ok so you found the gizmo--need to do this before continuing on with this tutorial

If not, make sure you are not in some other mode on the toolbar, like paint mode, you need to be in default view and select mode to be able to find it and see it

Once you found the gizmo attached to the first field corner of field01, zoom in enough so you can roughly see that whole field layout of field01 taking up most of the viewport

Notice this is a complex field consisting of two rectangles, we are examining this field only for training purposes now, so you get a good grasp of how field definitions work, even with fields that are a little more complex in their design :)

The corner_01_1 is selected, so now in the Scenegraph, select corner_01_2

Notice that the gizmo now shifts down the long side of the rectangle to another corner

Now select corner_01_3 in the Scenegraph, this shifts the gizmo to the third corner

The three corners of a triangular polygon (in this case two right-sided triangles joined together to make a rectangle) bound and define the area or one part of a more complex field, or if you only have three points, then it's the whole field--the three points define the face of the polygon and the two-dimensional area of the field

I am pretty sure You can make a field any shape, but field01 shows a rectangle (actually created by two polygons with three vertices each) in the first position

Now look at corner_02_1 through corner_02_3, in the same way you did the others, this shows how it is also it's own field, but attached as a child to parent object field01, and also you can see how the entire field01 is defined by four polygons (four right-sided triangles in this case) all overlaying each other

Since the lines don't show, you can't see two triangles making up a rectangle, but I am pretty sure they are there

This is fine that the shapes overlay each other and there is a union intersection in the middle, as the game engine will simply use all the points to calculate the net area of the composite 2D shape

I think I have all the above right, if not I am sure someone will let me know

Not to waste any more of your time, you got a good idea how fields are defined, so now we move on to creating one of our own in the copy of the game map

So, move south from field01 to the freightYard

If you're not sure where the frieghtYard is, one way to find it is in the Scenegraph
under locations, its one of the Transform Groups there, so you can select it and then find it using the lost gizmo find technique I just expained above

This is just for a test, but there is a nice concrete area at the frieghtYard there, already nice and flat

If we wanted to, we could create some entirely new space on the map just for this purpose, like the plateau example shown in the Video Tutorial, but for this example the concrete will do, this is just a test to learn how to do it and do it so the map will load without errors

Moving on ...

Fiirst select field02 in the Scenegraph, this is selected because it just has one three point polygon structure, not a six point (or larger) structure like field01

Once field02 is selected, choose Edit->Duplicate from the menu and the field02 structure is replicated at the very bottom of the fields Transform Group, scroll all the way to the end of the fields Transform Group to find the duped field02

Select the duped object and go into attributes panel for this and change the name to be field43, not leaving it as field01, or myAwesomeNewField, keep it the same naming and numbering convention with the sequentially increasing numbers to avoid run-time errors when the map loads ... make it field43

Now prepare to paint the field, for this beginner example, just use plain dirt, how?

Switch to Terrain Foilage Paint Mode icon on the toolbar

Select Window->Terrain Editing to enable the Terrain Editing Control Panel on the right side

In the Terrain Editing Control Panel, select Painting->Foilage Layer->terrainDetail

See the Foilage Channels in Terrain Control Panel, only 0 should be checked, that's dirt and you're almost ready to paint

Now here is what I do that might be a little different

Switch on grid snapping via the toolbar (the little magnet)

Next, define the brush size, since there is not a lot of room on this concrete slab, roll the mousewheel so the brush size showing at the top of the Terrain Detail panel is about 2, or else just put 2 in for the brush size and hit the enter key if your dog chewed your mousewheel off and you don't have one now :)

Could use a bigger brush size for a larger area, but for this small test field, 2 is fine

Then zoom way in on the concrete slab until the area to be painted just about fills into the viewport

Then roughly paint the field by holding down the left mouse button and painting the field with dirt

I myself do a horrible job of making the field have nice lines, it's all over the place and jagged, I always need to clean it up, but fortunately I am strict on detail and I have lots of patience ...

So zoom way in along the edges, make sure snap-to-grid is still selected then reset the brush size to 0.2 (nice and small for clean detail work if you are like me and can't use huge brushes and broad strokes and make perfect nice lines in one neat stroke)

This allows for cleaning up the edges of your polygon and sides of the triangle/rectangle nicely ... it takes a little time and zooming in and around and moving and zooming, but it works for this example

Now the new field43 is painted, and there is a nice rectangle of dirt in the middle of the concrete at the freightYard

Next, turn off Terrain Foilage Paint Mode on the toolbar so the gizmo comes back

Scroll down to field43 and select corner_01_1

Press CTRL-B for the interactive placement option and point and click the cursor at any corner of the field

For this example, the gizmo is snapped to the lower left corner

Now repeat for corner_01_2, this time lower right was selected

It also doesn't matter about where you put the points, just define a polygon with the three points and the polygon will be some variant of a three-sided triangle or else it will be a rectangle because the three points make define an "L" shape which forces two right-sided trianglular polygons to take shape and define a 2D rectangular area

For corner_01_3, you could also select the top left corner, either way you shape the "L", you get a rectangle if that is what you are defining

Select corner_01_3 then CTRL-B then place the gizmo at top right

You are done with field creation, unless you want to mess with the field buy option

To set or examine that, select the fieldBuyTrigger (child object of parent field43), then CTRL-B and click roughly in the center of the field with snap-to-grid still on to place the parent trigger and it's child icon

Zoom in if necessary to see the wireframe of the buy icon there, and the box around that icon that defines the volume of the trigger shape (any moving into this volume in the game turns on the trigger, and in this case, it's the option to choose 'R' to buy the field)

The buy icon is also wireframed because it's the child object of the trigger parent, so if the parent is selected, both are selected

Now jump to field43 in the Scenegraph, the parent of the whole field, and now the entire transform group is selected, but the field outline doesn't show because it is bounded by points

***it would be nice if the editor could show the lines of these various polyhedra, and maybe it does, but if it does, I don't know how***

With all of field43 selected in the Scenegraph, enable Window->User Attributes

In that window, notice the area in hectares (ha) and the price is already calculated for you

But for this test, we will put the field at a fire sale price of just 1 so we can easily buy it and test it in game, so put 1 as the price, then press enter to save it (if you do not press enter, it's not going to save)

Now it's time to save the mod

Since you already have the working test mod map you made from the Giants Video Tutorial for Farming Simulator 2013 that you have opened and worked on in the Giants Editor v5.0.1, all you have to do now is choose File->Save

Start the game, click Career, then choose an empty save game slot, then next screen select the game difficulty level, then next screen select your test mod map and finally click start--after the whole massive i3D file for the map, plus everything else associated with this mod loads up

Then, take a nice leisurely drive (or run like mad on foot in my case coz can't wait to see if it worked or not) to the freightYard and view your awesome field creation, YAY!

Works like a charm, no errors and the copy of the default game map is edited with a new field number 43

There it is ... the only thing is that it doesn't show up in the PDA or the in-game growth views map or the vehicle selection map because it's painted in the same place as the concrete

I'll leave it as an exercise to figure out how to get it to show up on the PDA and those two maps and mod the concrete shape of the freightYard so part is concrete and the rest is field :)

Hope this helped

If anyone sees anything wrong or if I made an error somewhere, please let me know and I will edit this post so future folks searching for a tutorial like this will have the correct info

Thanks, good luck and above all have fun!!!


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