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Created05.01.2013 23:34

Michel Lente (debull22) 05.01.2013 23:35
can someone tell me how to move the chicken eggs in giant editor ??

Michel Lente (debull22) 05.01.2013 23:36

Tacbravo (Unknown) 06.01.2013 03:01
Greetings Michel,

Buy chickens at the store where you buy your farming machines. Chickens you buy will automatically show up in the fenced chicken area in your farmHQ. After a little while, the chickens will start laying eggs. Simply walk over the eggs to automatically pick them up.

When you do, you will see an egg icon top left of your screen with a +1. Once you have picked up all your eggs, head over to the egg store in town (or any egg store) to sell them. When you get to the egg store, see the spinning egg icon. Just walk into that to trigger the sale of all the eggs you are carrying and watch your bank account go up.

Game On!


James Rooks (Unknown) 25.09.2013 21:32
In "Giant Editor" Go to the Scenegraph tool bar and click on animals, Then chickenHusbandry, Then eggs, Then the one you want to move. Note: You will not see the egg as they are not set to Visibility "NO" But you can see the cross hairs.

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