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Created15.02.2013 15:13

James Dibble (Unknown) 15.02.2013 15:15
Hi i can change the objects on the map fine but as soon as i edit the terrain it will no longer load in farming simulator can any one help? Thanks.

Andrew Douglas (Unknown) 29.03.2013 20:45
Which file are you editing? there is the main map.i3d and then one in document/my games/farmingsimulator2013

You may have to start a new game with the new map, especially if you renamed it. I have never messed with the main map, I just used the mod map sdk. any changes that I make in the editor shows up fine in my saved game

James Dibble (Unknown) 09.04.2013 16:36
Ok, thanks i've now sorted it out and am makeing a new map for the game, thanks

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