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Variable for owned fields

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Created20.02.2013 18:48

Björn M. (KillaBot) 20.02.2013 18:51
Hi all.

I'd like to know if there's a variable for the owned fields. I would need it for a script i'm working on atm.
I already found out how to get out if a field is owned by using coordinates, but by using the field number it would be much easier.

thx in advance and greetings

Alan Verdin (Unknown) 25.02.2013 21:19
All I know is that it stores the info in the economy file in saved games.

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 16.03.2013 19:25
local fieldNum = ...
local fieldDef = g_currentMission.fieldDefinitionBase.fieldDefsByFieldNumber[fieldNum];
if fieldDef ~= nil and fieldDef.ownedByPlayer == true then

Björn M. (KillaBot) 22.03.2013 02:10
Thanks D.Ecker, will use that for my script. :thumbsUp

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