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Created07.03.2013 01:48

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 07.03.2013 01:51
I am trying to create a placeable water tank for FS13 and have the default trigger attached from the in game water fill point.

I have tried refering back to the WatertrailerFillTigger.lua with no success.

Is there another trigger to be used in its place as i am unable to get the trigger to work.

I would prefer to use the ingame trigger than use a 3rd party trigger.

Any help or info would be aperriciated.


D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 16.03.2013 19:32
Have you tried getting script ideas/inspiration from one of the three available placeable mods?:
- Placeable Gas Tank
- Placeable Fertilizer Tank
- Placeable Seed Pallets

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 21.03.2013 12:43
Hi Decker, I have managed to get it to work in a fashion by calling the Tank a trailer and mounting it on a skid so that it is transportable by Forklift but has a trailer attachment to enable the Default fuel/water script to work. I do not understand Lua scripts and it is on my to do list to attempt to learn Lua.

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