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Created29.10.2013 17:41

John Mullins (Unknown) 29.10.2013 17:49
i feel removing trees that disrupt your field are essential in real life raming

so im looking for a way to make trees less annoing without editing maps
i noticed there are a signs on a map that get destroyed when u drive on them
a vehicle jumps a little but its nothing comparing to a tree ;-)
mby there will be a way to override trees behaviour so they act more like these signs ?

or mby remove colisions in general i wuld not be super sad if my combines fade thru each other it will look ugly but whatever works is good for me ;-)

thanks for any help and have a nice day

Dread Tuga (dread) 29.12.2013 13:51
you can remove the collisions in GE and the combines will go trough the trees

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