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Changing a non renderable shape

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Created09.04.2014 23:54

Tim Shafer (Unknown) 09.04.2014 23:55
I am stuck. I went to change the wheels on a car and seen there was a PNG file. I changed the file and went to check it. The Magnum 500 wheels are there and the vectors I wanted wasnt. I went into the i3d file and checked everything. I made a whole new file and edited the i3d file and still the magnum 500s are still there. I was looking around and seen the non renderable was clicked. I clicked it out a,d all I had was blank wheels with center caps. How do I get around this?

Thanks in advance.

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 10.04.2014 07:56
To change wheels you have to import new wheels.
For example import magnum500.i3d and replace the car wheels with the magnum500 wheels.
After that delete magnum500 rootnode again

Changing the png file will only change the color of the wheels.

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