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Two attachers on one container

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Created17.04.2014 02:40

Thomas Nagels (Unknown) 17.04.2014 02:43
Hi, I am making a container that should be compatible with as many types of trucks as possible. So I added the hook joint attacher, and this works fine. Now I also want to add the semitrailer attacher (to use with the Container Mod by Nas) but this seems to break all attacher functionality.

Does anyone know if there are restrictions on how many attachers such an object can have (as it is not mountable)? Can anyone help me to make this work?

Thank you,


Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 17.04.2014 09:23

it's currently not possible to add more than 1 attacherjoint type

Thomas Nagels (Unknown) 17.04.2014 09:55
Hmmmm, and would it be possible to switch/move the attacher position and (important) change it's type using LUA-scripting?

If not I'll have to give up on my project....

Arwin Boom (Unknown) 17.04.2014 17:23
You can add 2 attacherjoints in a mod but you can only use 1 at a time. so if the hook joint attacher is used, the other one is disabled and if the one for the NAS mod is ues, the hook joint is disabled if I'm right.

Thomas Nagels (Unknown) 17.04.2014 19:45
Well, if the people from Giants themselves say that it can't be done...

David Oldfield (disco429) 20.04.2014 20:03
The case 13m header from the titanium add on pack which folds out a built in transport system is clear evidence it can be done, as it uses both a cutter attacher joint and a trailer attacher joint, how it has been done I'm not sure though, I'm presuming a script

Thomas Nagels (Unknown) 21.04.2014 11:07
Aha! Thank you for the tip! I'll download that and try to figure out how they did it.

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 22.04.2014 14:09

two attacherjoints can't be used using the default script functions.
For sure with some custom scripts it can be implemented.

Mauricio Stapich (stapich) 11.05.2014 21:14
how to add two attacherjoints to mod? for use 1 at a time.. please need help. Thanks guys! is for this seeder .. Mode transport and mode work..

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 12.05.2014 09:57

for 2 attacher joints you have to write a custom script

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