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Created29.05.2014 22:16

Keary Smith (Unknown) 29.05.2014 22:17
I could use some help. I'm working on a mod map, but don't know how to put it on the Internet. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.05.2014 07:28

basically you just have to zip your map (mod).
After that you can upload your map (to any site) to share your work with others.
Propably you should do some multiplayer tests with a friend or two of yours before you make the map publicly available ;)

Note: The Modhub ( ) is currently only filled with mods by 'known' modders who have a high(er) reputation. So you would have to find an other site to distribute your work.


Keary Smith (Unknown) 30.05.2014 08:26
Like what site?

Paul Wittner (Unknown) 01.06.2014 03:05
like this site

Keary Smith (Unknown) 01.06.2014 03:16
I found this one as well

Paul Wittner (Unknown) 02.06.2014 03:38
but this is a poor website, this often ignored copyright

Christian Revermann (Unknown) 26.06.2014 13:52

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