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how to make a mod using sketck up 2014

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Created09.07.2014 03:33

Matt Seeker (Unknown) 09.07.2014 03:34
once I get my model in sketch up done what do I do with it

Matt Seeker (Unknown) 09.07.2014 04:13
and how do I export it to the blender what bender I use how do I get to it

Matt Seeker (Unknown) 09.07.2014 04:36
once you get on here please reply

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.07.2014 08:30
Hi Matt,

a very short search delivered the following result:

Assuming you have the free verson of sketchUp you would have to use the collada format in order to transfer your work to blender.

I don't know if the newest version of blender can import collada out of the box, but here is a plugin which does it:


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