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Created09.07.2014 19:03

Jeff Goerig (Unknown) 09.07.2014 19:06
I have the john deere690i. I wanted to increase the length of the header. I followed a link in google but it did not apply to the john deere. Can anyone explain of how to increase the length of the header?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.07.2014 08:40
Hi Jeff,

are you sure you want to increase the length of the header?
I guess you mean the width ...

So ... you can scale objects in the GIANTS Editor ;)

But, be aware that rigid bodies can't be scaled respectively they need a scale of "1 1 1".
Therefore you can temporarily disable the rigid body flag and use "freeze transformation" (accesable through a right click on the object in the scenegraph)

Nonetheless i wonder why you want to scale the header?
If you want to create a different model than you should create it from scratch in a modeling software like Blender or Maya. Otherwise lots of things won't be correct, i guess.


Jeff Goerig (Unknown) 10.07.2014 15:02

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