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No collision tray(plateau)

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Created15.07.2014 08:44

Pierrick Hurtaud (Unknown) 15.07.2014 08:44
Hello has all,

Sorry for my bad English but I am French and I serves me as a translator, here is my problem, I look has to create a tray(plateau) in party for the straw and during l integration in the game(set,play), the balls(bullets) passes through that this. I would want to know how to solve my problem.

Furthermore I am has the search(research) for concerning documentation number of mask collision and others

Thank you

Pierrick Hurtaud (Unknown) 17.07.2014 13:59
nobody ??

J Puddester (Unknown) 18.07.2014 06:30
Sorry Pierrick, but I don't quite understand what you're asking...

Usually in my experience, any object that is a rigid body will not allow another object to pass through... just make sure the object (usually a static object) has a check mark on the transformgroup item 'Rigid body'... if this doesn't help, please ask your question again :-)

Imititation is the sheerest form of flattery... it's also the best way to create your own mods... find a mod that does what you are trying to accomplish and study it.. find what is different and make those differences part of your own mod... copying someone else's work is often the best way to learn


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