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Vehicle keeps rolling after player has exited

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Created06.08.2014 12:19

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.08.2014 17:12
The problem as described in the title was noted by a user.

His post has been deleted before, because the posting was written completly into the title.
A title has to be short.
The actual problem description belongs into an other text field.

Answer to the question:
The vehicle which shows the 'error' is a mod, right?
Then please contact the author of the corresponding mod, because it might be a feature.
In the original game any vehicle stops (brakes) as soon as no player is driving it.


John Pako (logic321) 09.08.2014 11:51
Apologies for my post didnt realise what i had done but i have now fixed the mod it was a mod called ZZZ_manualIgnition which was conflicting

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