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Created14.08.2014 18:14

Mirko C. (Unknown) 14.08.2014 18:20
I created a mod with a ski region (pistenbully) a mod for farming but I have the problem of crawlers how do I fix the .xml file does not give me the right animation? in the game the no crawlers will see ...

What line should I correct in order to get it to work?

Mirko C. (Unknown) 20.08.2014 11:08
The mods that I wanted to convert to the BGA (is private only for me) I will remain in the Giant crawlers and linear game not seen. in the xml file I tried in many ways but I don't find the row that you can modify to make the complete crawlers

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.08.2014 08:26


is the specialization for crwalers in FS13.

Adopt your xml file to this.

An example vehicle in FS13 with crawlers is the CASE IH Quadtrac.
Check its xml file to see what entries you need.


Mirko C. (Unknown) 21.08.2014 11:11

ok which line should I change in order to adapt the xml file to lua?

For me this is the first time that I have to make this work

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