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Created26.08.2014 21:30

Jonathon Napier (Rabastan99) 26.08.2014 21:32
What are the proper unit settings in 3Dmax and/or Maya to make sure my scaling is correct for the game. For example I know a standard map is 2km x 2km. If I want say a road to be 50m long in 3Dmax and 50m long in the game, how would I set that up.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.08.2014 08:31

we use the metrical system.
So you should set the unit system of 3ds Max to meters.


Torlasco (diego_gg111) 20.09.2014 19:11
Can I add another question about scale issues?
If I use "cm" rather than "meters" in Maya and I make a box, for example, of 100cm x 100cm (which is 1mx1m), and then I export it to Giant editor, will it be still 100cmx100cm or it will be "changed" to 100mx100m (in game)?

Jonathon Napier (Rabastan99) 22.10.2014 18:58
I can say I have made things in cm, them imported them in a model that had Meters as a measurement. That worked fine. I have never taken something with CM directly in to the editor though. I guess it would be easy to make a simple box and test it though.

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