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So... i want to be a modder....

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Created08.10.2014 11:23

Jarod Emerick (Unknown) 08.10.2014 11:24
i really want to get into modding and i figured id start now so i have a bit of experience with it when 15 vcomes out the problem is i have no idea how to get started or where to look for education thought this would be a great place any help bwould be wonderful thanks ahead..

Kevin I. (Ifkonator2) 08.10.2014 19:18
For FS 15 will a Book 'Modding for Dummies' release. I think, this a good reference Point to get started in Modding.


Maretti Ingmar (Unknown) 20.10.2014 03:18
Jarod, there's plenty tutorials on youtube, don't be lazy

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