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my maps doesn't appeare correctly in giants editor

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Created14.09.2015 20:21

Hussain Jassem (Unknown) 14.09.2015 20:42
hi guys .. plz I need your help

thats how my original hagenstedt map FS13 showing up in giants editor 6.0.2

for the 1st time it shows clear without a problem , however when i edited the map - deleting some object - and get back to the game its work . then when i returned back for some editing it showed like that .

also not accepting any editing order i.e. after i edited the map again and lunch the game for the same map i edited it didn't complete the loading, finally i get the game shut down.

also i chose another mod map and when i opened the i3d map file it appeared like previous map the roads, farming field,trees, ... etc. not appears at all only the buildings what shows up.

i hope u reply as fast as u can

* by the way i'm beginner in giants editor


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.09.2015 08:06

maybe you are mixing things up ;)

For FS13 please use the GIANTS Editor in version 5.x
For FS15 please use the GIANTS Editor in version 6.x


Hussain Jassem (Unknown) 15.09.2015 11:48
ok i don't think so i only delete some garages and trees and import an object, in this time my map not apple to be loaded.
then i delete the entire edited one(with its files) and get my back-up map which is ok for playing but not for editing because it showed me the same problem ( gray ground ) and once i editing the map, it become un-loadable and the game crushed. and as i mentioned before the same problem occurred for for modMap, so what am I supposed to do editor ..?

Hussain Jassem (Unknown) 15.09.2015 12:07
well i don know how but it's worked :) .. thanks Emil i changed G.E. to V 5.5.2 and its work

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