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All the links here for editor v5.5.2 point to 6.0.3

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Created14.10.2015 03:49

Paul Chasse (Unknown) 14.10.2015 03:51
I have FS2013 and would like to try my hand at map editing, but all the links for downloading 5.5.2 seem to point to a 6.0.3 download, which I understand is only good for FS2015. Where can I get a download of 5.5.2? I have 5.0.1 but that craps out trying to load maps.

Running Win10. Thanks,

Pi Mertins (Unknown) 26.10.2015 00:02
I got the same problem, the maps saved by 6.0.3 result in errors like "unsupported shape format version", "shape XYZ not found" until it crashes.

Martin Michigan (Unknown) 21.02.2016 14:47
Apparently, you need GIANTS_Editor_5.5.2_win64.exe installation file but I have no idea why Giants have taken it of the site when there are still many players playing FS2013.

Can you please readd it to downloads or at least make version 6 backwards compatible?
(the way it is right now you are actually forcing users to download from 3rd party websites, and risking malware)

Robin Van Leeuwen (Unknown) 11.09.2016 01:58
I can upload if you want.. I was looking for it too and found it on the internet.
I have 32 bit version and 64 version of V5.5.2

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