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Tool bouncing out of field - Center of mass and/or other variables?

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Created27.01.2022 08:03

Cpt Tractor (CptTractor) 27.01.2022 08:03
I found a subsoiler model that constantly bounced out of the field while plowing. It's a relatively small tool with 3 shanks that attaches directly to the 3-point; it is not very long front-to-back. I ended up increasing the mass to ~0.8 in GE and setting the center of mass upwards and behind the tool 0 0.7 -0.4 so that it would tip over backwards when not attached. This fixed the bouncing behavior and I could now ramp up the <maxforce> in <powerConsumer> without issue. I was simply wondering whether anyone knew of a better way to fix this in the future or if the COM and force calculations are simply limited in the engine.

I also found it odd that the upper link attachment kept changing length and the lower hydraulic links kept changing height. On the tractors I've been around the upper link is not hydraulic or pneumatic so any sudden change would involve breaking steel parts. If that those links were static the tool wouldn't be able to bounce out of the ground since there's the entire weight of the tractor holding it at depth.

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