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Created01.11.2014 10:21

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 01.11.2014 10:28
Hello Everybody.

I'm Tom from and we searching for modders, scripters, animators and tester for making the biggest mod ever, A Automatic Feeding mod.

How its work:
there's a long guide through the barn which a can be loaded at the beginning by the front loader when a button is pressed it automatically along the troughs.that's about the idea.

nothings is compleet, you feel called to join us in designing this mod and make you sign up below.

We love to hear from you


Daniel Wollschl├Ąger (Marhu) 01.11.2014 12:26
Triomatic T40 ?

I have make for LS13 MixingStation
this Station can Automatic Feeding

my project for LS15 is the Triomatic T40

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 01.11.2014 12:31
Hello Marhu.

Thats nice to hear you aleady make triomatic, I have not much knowledge of modding, but more the idea that I had. I'd love to follow your mod for 2015.

That mixstation is very good, beautifull.


Jan Clausen (JanLC) 02.11.2014 11:28
I am looking forward to that.
The MischStation is one of the best and most useful mods.

Peter Short (Coolice) 03.11.2014 04:38
Marhu can you convert your plaaceable MixingStation to 2015 please.

Jack O'niell (shadow250) 11.11.2014 17:59
Marhu, could you please convert your telehandler conveyer to 2015 please? also could wood chips be added?

also the wool collector mod would be awesome.

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