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Created02.11.2014 00:56

Prossomariti Alexandre (poupouil) 02.11.2014 01:00

i want reskin the farmer but i can't find his i3d.
In the XML, the folder is: $dataS2/character/player/player.i3d

but in the folder "character" there's not the folder "player" but "farmer" and i can't see the files player.i3d in all folders of LS15.

For LS13, this i3d exists,
Thank your for help

Daniel Wollschl├Ąger (Marhu) 02.11.2014 09:51
this is in dataS2.gar

Prossomariti Alexandre (poupouil) 02.11.2014 19:41
It's not a i3d format ?
How to do for get the farmer in i3d file ?

Thank for your answers

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