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Reloading coins and icons

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Created03.11.2014 12:42

Tracy Rose (TracyRose) 03.11.2014 12:42
I have a map in the mod folder, what is exactly same, as the original map.It was exported, and re-zipped, (edit it later) Nothing was changed (yet). Tried to take a look, that everything was fine after exporting.
My question is:
Why are the all used help icons and picked up gold coins reloading again and again, when I continue a saved game?
Is this a bug? Another new bug in the game?

Peter Short (Coolice) 13.11.2014 23:18
I'm having the same issue

Tycoon Spaceman (Tycoonspaceman) 18.11.2014 13:44
As am I bit annoying can't see anything in the files that is different.

The Dude (Unknown) 16.02.2015 20:01
I've had the same problem, solved it by adding this to the map LUA:

self:updateFoundHelpIcons(); -- FIX HELP ICONS NOT SAVING
self:updateFoundGoldCoins(); -- FIX GOLD COINS NOT SAVING

I added them just after


Now your help and coins should save properly!

Nonnus Mercon (Nonnus) 12.05.2015 13:35
with the patch 1.3 wont work.

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