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Created03.11.2014 15:54

Joe Lindberg (lindbejb) 03.11.2014 15:55
So I added soybeans in the map as I did in FS13, works well, however, the combine and header will not harvest even after adding soybean in the xml for both. Is there someplace else I need to add the new soybean fruit in the map for it to be harvestable?

Zachary Sims (BUFORD) 09.12.2014 20:49
Have you found out yet on what was wrong? I just rewrote my OSR script from 13 having same issue as you..

Bret Music (Musicman) 07.02.2015 21:55
Same issue here. I can sow sunflower, oats, lime, and clover. They mature just fine, when time comes to harvest the harvestors take it off the fields but i get no grain count. The crops dissapear off the fields but no grain in harvestors. The only thing that works is the clover into silage. The harvestor attachments actually quit moving when they touch the new fruits.

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