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vehicleShaderDirt.xml mod always dirty

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Created11.11.2014 04:51

Duff Stone (duffstone) 11.11.2014 04:54
I have 4 converted mods, all work fine with a clean log. the exception is that two of them simply won't work with the new vehicleShaderDirt.xml system. they're always dirty, regardless of what you set your dirtammount to in vehicles.xml. the shader appears to work as I can manually set the dirt levels in the id3 file, so if I want a half dirty mod I change RDT to 1 .5 25 25 and I get a half dirty mod in game. but it never responds to the actual dirt levels in the save game.

Does anyone know why this might happen?

Tom Johnson (tom42728) 17.11.2014 09:58
have you added the washable line to the xml and try washing it?

it will look something like this

<washable dirtDuration="90" washDuration="1" workMultiplier="4" />

it goes into the mod.xml file

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 13.01.2015 14:20

check if the meshes in the model have multiple materials assigned.

I think the shader doesn't work in such a situation.

I checked with my mods and i found that this was the problem.

Moise Dubuc (Unknown) 06.09.2015 17:08
Hello everyone

I have the same problem. My model have many materials in the same mesh or if you like all my tractor is a single part with many materials. Only the first material of the list is clean when I buy the tractor and all the other part with different materials assigned are still dirty. Should I separate my model in different parts for each different material? So far for my first try at using dirt, the result is perfect and everything worked except for this issue.

Thanks for answer

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2015 18:38

yes you need to seperate all parts ...

The rule "one material per mesh" is very important, not only for the dirt to work correctly but also for performance reasons.


Larry Horse (Larry) 19.12.2015 02:30
We should have been told that from the get go...

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