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AttacherJoint not working

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Created16.11.2014 14:36

Koen Weterings (Unknown) 16.11.2014 14:38
hello everyone,

today i was making a mod for the telehandlers.
the only problem is that i can't attach the mod to the vehicle.

i'm don't know what i'm doing wrong.
do you know some tips to resolve this problem

Tom Johnson (tom42728) 17.11.2014 09:32
you will need to look at your log file it should note the attacher joints and changes needed

for the telehandler implements the joints are listed as you will need to change the index to the one you have

<attacherJoint index="0>0" jointType="telehandler" />

<dynamicMountAttacher index="0>" />

vehicle type also changed to <vehicle type="dynamicMountAttacherImplement">

this may be needed to function correctly

maybe this be your problem?

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