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Created17.11.2014 13:13

Greg March (GregM) 17.11.2014 13:19
Hi all, I have converted a mod from fs13, but when I purchase the trailer it stands on the tailgate. what have I done wrong

how do I attach a photo

Tom Johnson (tom42728) 19.11.2014 07:45
here you will need to open with GE and check to make sure the trailer is on the canvas and level ... if this is good then you will need to look at the xml file

near the bottom is the lines (similar to this)

<components count="2">
<component1 centerOfMass="0 -0.15 0" solverIterationCount="190" />
<component2 centerOfMass="0 -0.3 0" solverIterationCount="190" />
<joint component1="1" component2="0" index="1>4" rotLimit="0 0 3" transLimit="0 0 0"/>

before editing this file make a copy of it to undo changes if necessary

should be component 1 centerOfMass="x y z" <--- the x y z is what you will need i think it was z that changed to rotation of the trailer in the game you will need to change the number and test it till the trailer is flat

my memory is not so good anymore there was a post that detailed these in FS 2013 and had to use them on mods that were on mod sites incorrectly set and the tongues were either in the ground or in the air and couldn't attach them to a tractor

you will have to change the numbers and note which does what and don't forget it could be a negative integer (-5) for instance

hope this helps and maybe somebody will see this and clarify those settings a bit more

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