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Animations vanish on conversion

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Created26.11.2014 21:41

James Biddulph (Bolisaris) 26.11.2014 21:45
I am trying to convert one of my 2013 mods over to 2015 and managed to get it working but I was getting an error saying 'wrong shape version' but after saving with the new GE to make it the correct version one of my animations stopped working... well that is not entirely true it works as in the collisions appear to animate BUT the physical animation i.e. the visible part just vanishes, the strange thing is another animation (made in exactly the same way) works perfectly. Has anyone any ideas.

EDIT Forget this all sorted, if anyone is having the same trouble then take out the Visible = "true" from your original animation in the i3d file BEFORE saving as new anim file.

Enrico Accorsi (CMPunk95) 09.03.2015 03:15
Hi, sorry i have your same problem...i don't understand well how do you fix your problem...can you explain me the solution...thanks

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