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Created29.11.2014 04:22

Larry Horse (Larry) 29.11.2014 04:37
I have added a specular texture to a fender of a model I'm making. Added "vehicle dirt shader "
looked at it - did't n look bad in the GE. Wrapped it up, put in the game. Bought it in the game,
one fender is clean the other dirty.How? Same texture, same ambient, specular values, same Cos Power, same specular texture ,same values in the Shader, all of it. Eventually the other gets dirty and they look even,but why?

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 29.11.2014 07:19
check the location of the dirt normal file in the vehicle dirt shader file

Larry Horse (Larry) 30.11.2014 02:20
Well,its there and it is right where the shader wants it to be,by the way, there is no errors or wanings,whole thing appears to look fine

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