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Which languages and shortcuts?

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Created29.11.2014 20:13

Thomas Waltl (Unknown) 29.11.2014 20:15
What languages and shortcuts you are using?
Can you give me a list with the languages and their corresponding abbreviation used? I have noticed that you are using, for example, "br" instead of "pt" for Portuguese. Where "br" according to the ISO standard is actually Breton.
I do my mods multilingual, as best I can.

Thomas Waltl (Unknown) 29.11.2014 20:19
Oh okay, sorry I've done wrong with "br" and "pt". You are using "pt" for portuguese. Some words are similiar.
But that list would be great.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.12.2014 10:46

we do support:

br - brasil
cs - chinese
ct - chniese simplified
cz - czech
de - german
en - english
es - espanol
fr - french
hu - hungarian
it - italian
jp - japanese
kr - korean
nl - netherlands
pl - poland
pt - portugiese
ro - romanian
ru - russian
tr - turkish

If you do not enter a translation for a specific language the english version of the text will be used.


Thomas Waltl (Unknown) 23.01.2015 13:18
thanks for the list. that will help me to make my mods multilingual.

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