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New Map created field doesnt show up

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Created30.11.2014 01:12

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 30.11.2014 01:15
I'm starting out with a new map for editing, so far so good except I created my first field and went in game to test it out for size but it doesn't show up. in other words the ground looks the same all over the map including the area I created. I moved the corners the buy ticker and all, it shows up in GE just as I created but in game it's invisible or not there. any help is appreciated. thanks

Tycoon Spaceman (Tycoonspaceman) 02.12.2014 01:38
did you restart game fresh?

removing grass and making new fields require a new game.

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 16.12.2014 15:48
that worked, I kept checking the saved game, restarting the game worked, thanks

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