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Created02.12.2014 00:10

Jason Gagné (Unknown) 02.12.2014 00:14
Hello Giants
My problem is the wool pallet fillLevel with dedicated server in Animal HUD.

Is what I should use WriteStream / ReadStream or WriteUpdateStream / ReadUpdateStream
for my problem!

Or you have a solution for the value of wool in multiplayer!!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.12.2014 10:34

Write/ReadStream are used for the inital synchronisation of data.
Write/ReadUpdateStream are used for the continous synychronisation of data.

So, you probably can use these functions to synchronize the data.
But note, that you should try to minimize the data size ;)

The fillLevel of the pallet is already synchronized:
check the variable "currentPalletFillPercentage" of the sheeps' animalHusbandry


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