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Large Map Issue (8192X8192)

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Created03.12.2014 07:06

Richard Negrete (Unknown) 03.12.2014 07:10
I cannot seem to plant visible crops out past a certain distance from the centre of the map. They appear to pile up across an invisible barrier or something. That being said, the crops are planted, they do harvest, they are just... invisible. You can see everything from a short distance, just nothing up close.

Here is the blocking effect I'm getting in the editor:
Thanks for any help or ideas on this.


Larry Horse (Larry) 07.12.2014 21:06
Giant engine thinks the map is still1024x1024

Richard Negrete (Unknown) 08.12.2014 01:28
I see. Is there any way to correct for this?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.12.2014 10:20
What did you exactly do to increase the map size?
Did you start with an "exported version of bjornholm/westbridge" or with a map back from fs13?

By the way, a map has a default size of 2050m x 2050m, allthough the height map has a size of 1025 pixel x 1025 pixel.

Richard Negrete (Unknown) 09.12.2014 06:29
I used the current method for scaling the size of all map png and grle's in gimp. I started with an altered exported version of map 01 created for modding.

As to the size, the presumption was 8192x8192 would be the maximum stable size I could reach, however, it appears 8200x8200 is what it should be?

I don't mind starting over from scratch at all. This has been a fantastic experience and I am learning more with each try. Though it would be nice to get everything proportionally correct with regard to the actual map sizing.

Unknown 09.12.2014 14:35
Sorry, i made a stupid mistake :)
the size of the .dem file must be 2^n + 1

So ...

default sizes (map has an area of 2km x 2km):
map_dem: 1025
cultivator: 4096
fruit_density: 4096

Important note when changing the size of the files: set the interpolation method in to nearest neighbor! (to preserve hard edges)

4 times the sizes of original (map has an area of 4km x 4km):
map_dem: 2049
cultivator: 8192
fruit_density: 8192
=> works

16 times the sizes of original (map has an area of 8km x 8km):
map_dem: 4097
cultivator: 16384
fruit_density: 16384
=> does not really work on my PC (artefacts in GE), check the status (F8) and see that 'total RAM' is near the max

Finally ... large(r) maps are not a good idea for several reasons:
- you have an enormous area to decoarte
- loading time increases
- initial synchronisation in MP increases
- you also would have to adjust the other 'terrain' files in order to get a nice and precise scenery
(e.g. asphalt_weight.png) -> total memory consumtion explodes ;)

There is also an other way to increase the map size.
But you loose 'terrain precision' if you use it.
Open the map01.i3d with a texteditor an increase the value for 'unitsPerPixel="2"'


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