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Can any one suggests me a good standard map for FS 15

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Created18.12.2014 10:18

Rahul Kanojia (Unknown) 18.12.2014 10:28
Hello Pals,
I'd like to ask ask you guys.. can you suggest me a good map which have all latest additions like:
Food storage with fixed* conveyor belts.
Pigs and cattle breeding with sale trigger.
Slurry Manure Lime mode.
Water Mod
Sale of Slurry and manure as these things are like waste if you are not doing so much of farming.
A good brightly map.

Note: I am using Volcano Islands 2.0 and it has all the necessary additions but the thing i didn't like is it's dark theme color.
So please suggest me a map so i can enjoy it

Henry Hunter (Unknown) 19.02.2015 19:49
Friesland v1 or v2

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